JESSE ATLAS is a writer/director well known for crafting high-concept, emotionally grounded genre thrillers.

Jesse’s short film, the sci-fi love story “Record/Play,” exploded onto the festival circuit with screenings at Sundance, LA Film Festival, HBO/Urbanworld and Fantastic Fest, among countless others. The film was  quickly snatched up as a feature adaptation at Focus Features with Atlas Entertainment producing.

Currently, Jesse has two films about to hit festivals — he’s the writer/director of “Kinesthesia,” a supernatural short featuring the biggest names from “Dancing With The Stars”. He also co-wrote “Angels In Exile,” a feature documentary produced and narrated by Charlize Theron about homeless youth in Durban, South Africa.

Jesse also created the story for the follow-up to Gareth Edwards’ “Monsters,” crafting a chilling wartime thriller for “Monsters: Dark Continent”. The story was loosely inspired by Jesse’s feature documentary “At The Green Line,” in which he was embedded with the Israeli Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

In addition to his writer/director credits, Jesse brings years of experience as an in-demand editor for high-profile commercials, music videos, and documentary features.